Update for Oncyclo


Image for Cyclo Updates

In the latest update of Cyclo we have added a variety of new features. This includes various sale page enhancements, the ability for single click printing and searching for a supplier code through a sale. For more details keep reading:

Sales Page Enhancements

We have added multiple new features to the sale page to give you greater functionality and ease of use when putting through a sale. These include the following:

  • Added a message notification for when change is due on a sale
  • Ability to edit the price and quantity of an item on a deposit sale. 
  • Added a message notification for quick sales if the balance has not been paid off
  • Ability to create a new quick sale from within an existing quick sale

Additional Printable Documents

There have been a few requests as of late to have the option of printing multiple document styles from within the sales page. Therefore we have added the ability to select which printable template directly from within the sale.

Kiosk Printing ( Single Click Printing)

Printing receipts and documents from within a sale can now be printed using a single click. Note you will need to enable kiosk printing first in order to use this functionality.

See the following knowledgebase article on how to enable this: Silent Printing

Using Supplier Codes on Sales and Stocktake

We have added the ability to add a stock item to a sale, using its supplier code. What this means is you can now enter a supplier code into the stock number field on a sale or the stocktake screen, and it will find and enter the relevant stock item onto the sale/stocktake.

In the case of multiple stock items being found, all the relevant results will be display and allow you to select the correct stock item to add onto the sale.

See the following knowledgebase article for further information: Special Note about supplier codes

Additional Stock Fields

We have recently added a serial number field to the stock details and stock search pages. This allows those clients additional recording and tracking of stock items.

Finish sale terminology

The finish sale and exit button on sales has now been updated to just ‘exit sale’ to better reflect that a sale does not need to be finished once it has been created

Further features and updates are coming soon, so keep tuned.