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Introducing Cyclo’s latest feature – the ability to add tasks to items on the sale and book in the job onto a calendar, straight from the point of sale!

What this means is for fits, service, repair work and custom builds you can assign tasks that people need to complete in order for the job to be done, book that task into the calendar by the person, customer, task and time required, and even colour code the task so you can easily see what type of task it is (eg quote, fit, repair, service, custom build).

The tasks include rates and time required so you can also check the estimated time against the actual time and ensure that for each job you are making a profit.

For each task there is a clock on/off function so the person performing the task can easily record the actual time taken to complete the task. The calendar and scheduling functionality avoids double-booking and maximizes revenue capacity; schedule repairs, services, and builds by staff member, customer, and timeframe.

You can also pre-set a task list for regular non stock items. This means your staff will always know what is required to complete a particular job.

This new feature will maximize your workshop and staff time, increasing your workshop profits and ensuring fantastic customer service with no double bookings.

Stock Tasks for Oncyclo screenshot

Stock taks booking for Oncyclo screenshot

Oncyclo Calendar for Stock Tasks

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And remember, when the job is complete, you can text message your client, to let them know it is ready!