New RFID now available



The new RFID kit from is now available.

RFID is a fantastic tool and with the new POS pack for USD$2200, it is very affordable too. The pack includes everything you need to get started with RFID. It includes the wireless scanner to scan all the items throughout the store, the desktop scanner for stocking in, and 100 re-useable RFID tags.

Cyclo users who are currently using RFID have reported that it pays for itself within three months.

The benefits they have found are:

Stock Take in Minutes- Scan hundreds of items in minutes using one or many scanners simultaneously.

On-Demand Visibility- Know of an item’s disappearance or misplacement on the next scan.

Leaner Inventory- More frequent stock-takes gives stores a new wealth of data, from ageing items to item show-to-sale ratios, to better stocking decisions.

Learn more about the benefits of RFID. To order, email