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Finding a sale: Job description


Search for a sale using job description in Oncyclo

In the latest update to Oncyclo, we have added the ability to search for a customers sale using a job description.

To search using a job description just go to find sale search page and click the advanced link on the right hand side. Additional search fields will then appear, including job description.

This is feature is available and ready to use right away, so be sure to check it out.

Great News!

No more stock entry for items you have ordered through Cyclo.  One click means you can automatically mark the item received and have all the details entered into Stock.

This new feature will cut down your stock entry time and reduce mistakes in stock entry. Not to mention keeping the status of your supplier orders up to date.

To see how to create supplier order, click here
To see how to receive ordered items and have it automatically entered into stock, click here
And remember, Cyclo also allows you to automatically create supplier orders based on sales, minimum quantities and fast selling items.