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fitting measurementsDid you know that in Cyclo, you can record your customers measurements, and fitting details, allowing for fitting of every bike the customer owns, and linking to any job ticket that the bike fitting is booked in for.

What this means is your customers fitting and measurement details are always there, at a single press, for your staff to see and use.

This feature allows you to take your customer service to the next level, with the customer not needing to be ‘fitted’ every time they book their bike in.

The measurements and fitting details are on the customer details page, on the right hand side under measurements. You can also access this area directly from the sale, when booking in a job. Simply click on the job to bring up the work order popup, select the workorder tab and select ‘customer fit’.

New RFID now available



The new RFID kit from is now available.

RFID is a fantastic tool and with the new POS pack for USD$2200, it is very affordable too. The pack includes everything you need to get started with RFID. It includes the wireless scanner to scan all the items throughout the store, the desktop scanner for stocking in, and 100 re-useable RFID tags.

Cyclo users who are currently using RFID have reported that it pays for itself within three months.

The benefits they have found are:

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Finding a sale: Job description


Search for a sale using job description in Oncyclo

In the latest update to Oncyclo, we have added the ability to search for a customers sale using a job description.

To search using a job description just go to find sale search page and click the advanced link on the right hand side. Additional search fields will then appear, including job description.

This is feature is available and ready to use right away, so be sure to check it out.