Point of Sale.

  • Complete Tracking

    Full sales tracking all on one screen.

  • Enhanced Sales Process

    Add stock items to sales using supplier codes, message notifications when change is due, ability to edit and update on the fly, additional reporting and printouts from within a sale.

  • Advanced Payment Search

    Search for specific payments for sales from any point in time. Use advanced searching to find and view all your payments using a wide variety of search criteria..

  • Credit Card Payments

    Process credit card payments from within the sale. Just swipe the credit card and the rest is taken care of.

  • Any type of sale

    Sales, special orders, custom builds, repairs, lay-bys, trade-ins/stripping and quotes.

  • Payments

    Quick pay buttons, multiple payments, customisable payment methods, split payments and deposit payments. 

  • Refunds

    Easily manage partial refunds, full refunds, exchanges, customer credit, cancellation fees and warranties

  • Discounting

    Discount individually or by sale by percentage or dollar amount. Discount catalog items by date period.

  • Account Sales

    Set payment terms, finance charges and charge accounts with multiple ship to and invoice to addresses

  • Custom Make and Repairs

    Full job tracking with costing, pictures and packet printing. Automatically SMS customer when job is complete.

  • Advanced Sales Searching

    Search for sales from any point in time. Use advanced searching to find, view and print all past sales transactions.

  • Customer Loyalty Program

    Full loyalty program. Customers earn points based on dollars spent. Easily issue and redeem loyalty points.

  • Integrated Merchant Facility

    Fully integrated merchant facility. Swipe a card from computer, iPad or tablet.

  • Gift Certificates, Vouchers and Cards

    Sell, track redeem & reuse gift vouchers. Use plastic gift cards, mobile vouchers, or print directly from Cyclo.

  • Quotes and Opportunities

    Track all quotes and opportunities, with follow up schedule and probability %. One click to convert quote to sale.

  • Sales Assistants

    Full sales tracking by sales assistant. View sales person reports, create budgets and assign commissions.

  • End of Day

    End of day reconciliation including cash tally, items sold, payments made, sales by time and assistant

  • Tax and Currency

    Customise tax and currency settings. Include or exclude tax on sale price. Mark items and sales as tax free.

  • Use the Latest Technology

    Touch screens, barcodes, RFID, pictures, tablets, iPads, email receipts, text message and email reminders.

  • Full Customer Integration

    Perform sales with or without customer details. All sales and services with customer details automatically link to customer profile

  • Printouts

    Full page, half page, two or three copy sales receipts and job packets. Print with pictures and barcodes.  Print with messages, terms and conditions