Mobile Point of Sale.

  • For Point of Sale

    iPad and tablets can be used for all point of sale transactions. Create seamless customer service by serving customers anywhere in the store. Email or print customer receipts.

  • Stock Counting

    Easily stock take one display or the entire store. The portability makes it easy to see the items scanned and discrepancies instantly.

  • Collect Customer Information

    Collect email addresses, mobile numbers for text messaging and marketing, as well as birthdays, fitting details and other important customer information.

  • View Customer History

    View all the customer’s sales history and information. For example, if a wife walks in and wants to buy a present for her husband, using Cyclo you can see the husband’s profile with details of what he’s purchased previously and his preferences. You can then recommend to the wife an item for the husband that works with his existing items and preferences.

  • Calendar and Scheduling

    Never double book again. With Cyclo you can take complete control of your service department with the calendar section. Schedule services, repairs, builds by customer and staff member assigned as well as the time frame involved.

  • Instant Quotes

    Create on the spot quotes, including searching for parts (with costing and mark-up) and adding a photo. Print or email the quote with all details stored against the customer profile for future reference. Schedule future communications against the quote, such as phone calls and follow ups.

  • Special Orders and Custom Builds

    Enhance the build process by showing customers available options. Record all the custom design details for future reference and instantly place the order.

  • Picking of Stock

    Pick stock for website orders, phone sales and service department use with ease. The portability makes it easy to move around the store, picking and instantly updating the stock levels and order status.

  • Store Visibility

    Never be in the dark again.  Get instant access to what is happening in the store no matter where you are.  The light weight and portability of tablets makes them ideal to take with you when you are not in store.