CipherLab 1560 Bluetooth Scanner for iPad/Android/Windows tablets

CipherLab 1560 Cordless Scanner for the iPad, Android and Windows Tablets:

This newer model of Wireless/Bluetooth Scanner can be used to scan barcodes straight onto Cyclo on an iPad device. It is straightforward to set-up and only needs to be paired once.

Setting up the Scanner:

Setting up the Scanner is fairly straightforward, you simple need to ensure that you have it charged as it is battery powered. Too charge the Scanner you just need to place it on the scanner base, which will need to be plugged into the power adapter. When you have ensured that the base is powered you simply need to rest the scanner on the base so the head is penetrating the hole. To turn the scanner on you just need to hold down the trigger until the scanner makes a long high beep noise. A light will then start flashing blue.

Enabling Bluetooth with the Scanner:

As soon as you turn the scanner on, it will begin searching for available Bluetooth connections. If the scanner has been turned on and paired previously, you will need to turn it off and turn it back on again to start a new bluetooth session. 
Once the scanner is in Bluetooth pairing mode, it will beep to let you know if it has found a receiving bluetooth connection. You can then go to the iPad or Tablet device and accept the connection. 

Please Note: The range of Bluetooth is relatively short (compared with other wireless types, such as Wi-Fi) so make sure that the Scanner and Tablet Devices are in close proximity with each other.

Enabling Bluetooth with the iPad:

Before you can connect a Bluetooth device with the iPad you will have to enable Bluetooth.
To do this, on the iPad, go into Settings > General > Bluetooth. Once on this screen change Bluetooth so it says "On".
It will then start a search for all available Bluetooth Devices. Leave the iPad on this screen for now.

Enabling Bluetooth with the Android Tablet:

To turn your Bluetooth on, open the Settings application. Now press 'Wireless & networks'. Simply check/tick the Bluetooth option. 
Your tablet will scan for and displays the IDs of all available Bluetooth devices in range.
If your tablet stops scanning before your scanner device is ready, press 'Find Nearby Devices' and then 'Scan for devices.

Touch the ID of the Bluetooth Scanner to pair it with the tablet. I
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