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  • Article 12 Days to Christmas Special
    A great promotion that is easy to run over Christmas is the 12 Days of Christmas. It works by having a different special or promotion each day, on...
    Views: 480
  • Article Direct Mail Ideas
    Heres a few ideas of what Cyclo users have done for direct mail and marketing campaigns:1. For a special event (i.e Christmas, Mothers day,...
    Views: 871
  • Article Email invitations for VIP nights Guide
    To send email invitations for VIP nights: You can send a plain text email to selected customers as well as embed an image into your email by...
    Views: 463
  • Article How to create a referral system.
    For most stores word of mouth is the lifeblood of their business. So much so that almost half of sales can be generated from this form of...
    Views: 594
  • Article How to effectively use SMS.
    You can use SMS in Cyclo to alert customer that their job or repair is ready, to give the customer details of a job or for marketing purposes...
    Views: 482
  • Article How to improve your stores appearance
    They say first impressions count.  Now while this is true for people, it is even more so for businesses bidding for customer...
    Views: 487
  • Article How to use Loyalty Cards and Gift Vouchers.
    Here's a few examples of how Cyclo users have utilized the plastic or mobile cards: 1. VIP card: the VIP loyalty cards have been the most...
    Views: 469
  • Article Proactive Wishlists
    There's nothing better than knowing exactly what someone wants as a gift. It takes the guess work out of it and saves hours of trolling through...
    Views: 477